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100% Asset-Based, No Credit, Income, or Reserve Requirements


Loan Source, LLC was founded by Tom Berry and Donald Sutton as a partnership in January 2014. Collectively we have been doing real estate investing and hard money lending for over 20 years and decided to merge together to bring more opportunities to our clients.

We Lend money to real estate investors and base our decision on the Hard Asset and Value of the Property and not the Credit or Credit Score of the Borrower. The money can be used for the purchase and rehab of the property for sell. We also process loans for the refinance of the property at a lower interest rate for holding investment property for rental income into a long term loan.

We are happy to brag on our team that we have put together to make the real estate investor successful. Tom Berry who is the president of the Wealth Club brings to us his many years of experience in real estate investing. He reviews all funding request to determine if the property would be successful in cash flow for the investor. Once approved it goes into our Loan Processing Center that was designed by Donald Sutton that has designed many business solutions for major companies in the US.

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Meet The Team

Tom Berry
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Tom Berry started his real estate career in 2007. With over 24 years in sales and management with 10 of those being in financial services, Tom and his wife Melissa started their real estate business as a flipping and wholesaling company.

Since then they have accumulated a portfolio of over 400 houses and apartment units as well as several other commercial rental properties. In addition to continuing to increase his rental portfolio, Tom is also a principle in Investor Loan Source, a lending company that caters to the funding needs of real estate investors, Edgewater Property Solutions a company that manages and services rental properties of all types in SE Harris Co. and Galveston Co., Galco Properties, a company that wholesales properties to other investors , and The Wealth Club, a real estate investor education and networking company located in Houston TX. With his expertise in the real estate investing market, Tom is dedicated to bringing the tools, services, and resources needed to this underserved market.

Donald Sutton
Vice President of Operations

Donald Sutton has spent over 20 years in hard money and asset based lending starting first with his family that needed money for their real estate investing for Single Family Rentals and Mobile home parks. After Self Directing his IRA we started expanding to the Houston market lending on Single Family Rentals and Apartments. It all started as an alternative to the stock market to get a consistent rate of return on investments for him and his entire family.

Donald is the owner and manager of many companies that provide for Wealth Management as well as Hard Money lending. His passion is to help people learn about building wealth with their personal finances. The investments pay a high rate of return that include the management of Cash and Structured IRA account types. The money is sourced to our hard money lending companies to make the entire process successful. Since we use Real Estate as our primary investment vehicle we are not subject to the ups and downs of the stock market. This allows our Children accounts and retirees the ability to get their money at any time and not have to wait for the stock market to be at the right point for them to access their money.

Our Office Team

We have a welcoming staff dedicated to helping you meet your real estate investing goals.

We will guide you through the lending process and are willing to answer any questions you have, whether you are a buying and rehabbing your first property or are a seasoned real estate investor.

Our closing process for a purchase takes an average of 2 weeks from start to finish, but we strive to get it done quicker if possible!